Since its inception in 1987, there have been many changes to rigging in hotels that cater to the meeting and convention industry. From the wild west, pre-1990, where anyone off the street was allowed to rig with no permanent rigging points in the ceilings, to becoming a closely regulated service where hotels appoint exclusive rigging companies to provide rigging services. From the outset, Aerial took its rigging responsibilities extremely seriously, using the proper techniques in the safest ways possible and using the most experienced riggers in the industry.

Over the last thirty-six (!) years, Aerial has become the dominant rigging services provider to the leading hotels in the growing hotel meeting and convention industry. The introduction, by Aerial, of permanent rigging points in hotel ballroom venues enabled the evolution of more elaborate productions by lifting all production gear off ballroom floors. An added benefit to hotels was that they provided additional room for more meeting attendees. With thousands of pounds of gear now routinely hanging overhead, the need for rigging expertise, consistency, and safety provided by Aerial became of paramount importance. Aerial is the exclusive rigging services provider to some of the most recognized and respected meeting destination hotels, resorts, and convention facilities in the country because we have proven over 36 years that we are reliable, creative, affordable, trustworthy, and, most importantly, we have had an impeccable safety record over that period. Our team continues to hone their skills in rigging safety practices, and our staff consists of the most experienced riggers, professional motor technicians, and inspection leads in the industry.

Aerial is one of the few companies that undertakes the re-certification of electric chain hoist motors, having one of the only load test machines in the Southeast.

One of Aerial’s “claims to fame” is that it has installed the vast majority of the Allstate field goal net installations in NCAA football stadiums across the country. Aerial is also responsible for the rigging and maintenance of the sails and spars for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pirate Ship at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

Being strategically located in Lakeland, near the heart of Central Florida, has allowed Aerial to be a hub for many cities in the state, while at the same time being agile enough to support rigging services in cities where needed, like San Diego, Dallas, Phoenix, and Las Vegas.

Vanguard LED Displays, Aerial's sister company, is one of the largest providers of Direct View LED displays in the United States.

The Aerial Group of companies is poised for growth. Whether it is rigging services, permanent point installations, fabrication projects, chain hoist motor re-certifications and repairs, Direct View LED video displays, or ChainMaster motors, look to us to fully satisfy your needs.

We look forward to the next 36 years with great anticipation!