Call Aerial for any installation project that requires the elevation of anything above the ground. Point installations and certifications are our specialty. We will come to your venue, do point load safety calculations and ratings, and will be happy to provide a new CAD in the process if desired, numbering points and making the overall production experience and safety the best it can be for your customers and guests.

Ballroom Rigging

From point to point our Riggers not only handle themselves in a professional manner but also look professional while in a ballroom around your clients.  We have a reputable staff with ETCP certified technicians who want to make sure every weight is calculated and every client is satisfied.  Trust us to help you make your show a success.

Outdoor Venues

While Rigging outdoors can sometimes be difficult due to weather or accessibility it is of upmost importance to have experienced Riggers to ensure all aspects are done safely and correctly.  We want to ease your mind and provide you with a safe and successful event no matter what the elements.

Permanent Installs

We spend many hours in planning for permanent installs to ensure your structure is safe, opperable and with little maintenance.  To make sure your happy we offer site visits in the early planning stages to help you watch your vision come to light.  We also offer quarterly or yearly inspections to keep your mind at ease after constant usage of your permanent structure.

*No install is too big or small, if you want it to fly we will find a way!